Monday, March 30, 2015

Cuffs & Bullets

FEATURED : HEELS : #187# : Every girl has to keep herself safe from the big bad world so why not keep a lil stash of cuffs and bullets tucked safely along your heels? Dangerous yet extremely sexy heels you just cant go wrong with! AVAILABLE SOON @ L.M.L Event ( starting April 1st)

TOP & BOTTOMS : RAZOR : ROUGE OUTFIT : Sexy and versatile..Vintage yet modern and playful. This outfit was fun to work with and highly detailed.

Want to give thanks to my trusty sidekick Jezzebelle Maldonado for helping a sistah out with pics! Love youuuu!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


The hunt Bite Me – Apple Sexy – came to heat the Second Life!
Our greatest prestige are Sensual items, so to represent sin and sensuality we chose the apple fruit!
We hope fill your expectations and bring new costumes to your world.
FEATURED ITEM FOR EVENT : #187# CRYSTAL HEELS : Sexy heels made for SLINK HIGH FEETwith sweet lil red hearts floating in the bottom. Walking on love  is better than walking on sunshine! Catch these sexy treats at the BITE ME EVENT
DRESS : #187# : EMILIE DRESS : Cute versitile dress with 8 texture options in the hud. From black to pretty lil spring designs to bring in our long awaited spring season! This item is at the OLALA EVENT
Thank you Kayla for another amazingly sexy creation!