Friday, May 22, 2015

JukeBox Junkie

HAIR : Thelma : Reds : Comes with color change hud for hair bow. Available @ Truth

OUTFIT : Manik Queen : Lou Lou : Rock a Bish : Now this fun and sassy little outfit comes with the top, the capri as well as the shoes. The whole ensemble is just fun and very versitile depending on your style. Offered in pink, green and blue at the event. Shoes are for Slink Flat Feet. Also comes with multi applier hud for the top! Available @ Bewbapalooza TY♥

BRACELET : Lotus Chain Bracelet : This set is for Slink Casual Hands. Be careful that you purchase the correct one for your hands as their are different ones. Available @ Mandala

POSED BY : Snaphappy Poses : Tove Single Set : Pose Tove 1 : Beautiful pose pack comes with 6 single poses for all your pic needs. Available @ 5Th Avenue Event TY♥

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Derby Apocolypse

HAIR : Raindance : Blacks : Comes with a color change hud for the headband. Available @ Soonsiki ( Who by the way is having a 50L sale at her store today! Better make it snappy and get ya some! Must join Besom group for this sale! )

TOP : Project Reject : Laura Top : Black : Is offered in a variety of colors such as Black, White, Soft Denim, Grey, Galaxy , Camo, Blue, Teal and Pink. Comes with clothing layer as well as Omega applier hud. Available @ 5TH Avenue Event ( Begins today May 20th )

BOTTOM : Project Reject : Lonnie Shorts : Black : Is offered in many yummeh colors such as Black, White, Soft Denim, Grey, Galaxy, Camo, Blue, Teal and Pink. Comes in clothing layer as well as Omega Hud Option. Available @ 5TH Avenue Event ( Begins today May 20th )

SKATES : High Roller Solid : Comes with a texture hud that offers a delicous amount of color options and variations for Show, tongue, straps and laces. Give them your own personality! Also comes with a skate animation. Available @ Latreia Shoes

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ticket Please!

HAIR : Thelma : Reds : Comes with hud to change color of the bow. Available @ Truth

COLLAR : Emo Collar : Available @ Dirty Stories

TOP : Pink Sugah : Lullaby : Black : Comes with clothing appliers as well as Multi Applier, Slink, and TMP applier huds. Other colors available at the event such as Red, Vintage, Fuschia, Powder, Lemon, Lavender and Pink. Available @ Bewbapalooza ( Opens May 20th ) TY♥

SHORTS : Mesh Frill Pants : Black : Available @ Moonlight Creations

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lazy Daze

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HAIR : Suprise : Hud [01] Available @ Magika

TOP : BabyDoll : Julie Shirt : White : Comes with clothing laters as well as Slink and Omega Applier Huds. Many colors to choose from! Available @ fi*friday TY♥

SHORTS : Booty Shorts : Pink : 6 colors to choose from in the store! Comes with clothing layers as well as Omega, Slink and TMP applier huds. Available @ Sweet Evil TY♥

SOCKS : Cutie Socks : Hearts : 6 styles to choose from in the store. Comes with clothing layer option as well as Omega, Slink and TMP applier huds. Available @ Sweet Evil TY♥

Friday, May 15, 2015

Releasing What You Cannot Hold

HAIR : Moon. Hair : Kinderfeld : Available @ The Dark Style Fair ( Event Ended )

OUTFIT : Twisted Glam : Naomi's Straplace Body : Cyan&Black : Offered in Black/White, White/Black,  Cyan/Black, Cyan/White, Pink/ Black, Pink/White, Purple/Black, Purple/White, Red/Black and Red/White. Clothing layers as well as Omega Hud included! Available @ anyBody TY♥

Art is Life

OUTFIT : #187# : Fonky Tank : A fun little tank exclusively @ The Color Me Project - Purple TY Kalya♥
 I've rare;y done this but i am going to post a link for this amazing sim. If you like new ideas and edgy art you HAVE to go here. I fell in love immediately!
Cammino e Vivo Capovolto - Mistero Hifeng

Sea of Black & White Dreams

HAIR : Exile : Came with 2 hair options. Give or Take ( Past Event )

NECKLACE : Revox Bloodheart : Comes with Female and Male options along with a hud to change texture colors of various parts of the necklace. Available @ RealEvil Industries

OUTFIT : Twisted Glam : Kishara's Stud Outfit : Black : 10 amazing colors to choose from; Black, White, Cyan, Hot Pink, Magenta, Baby Pink, Purple, Blue, Red and Yellow. Comes in regular clothing layers as well as the Omega Hud option. Exclusively @ PHAT Fashion Fair TY♥

BRACELETS : Lotus Chain Bracelet and Hand Rings : Please make sure to get the right one for your hands as they come in various Slink hand options. Available @ Mandala

Monday, May 11, 2015


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HAIR : Lala : Chapter III : Magic Available @ Spellbound

TOPL'Armoire : Sweater Top : Black : Offered in Black, Grey, Pink, Purple White and Red. Comes in clothing appliers as well as Omega Hud. Available @ The Thick Event TY ♥

BOTTOM : The Wicked Skirt : Punk'd : Comes in all mesh sizes as well as a fitted mesh option. Also available for purchase in Grunge, Skull Heart, and Pinstripe.  Available @ Indecent Exposure (NEW) TY♥

NECKLACE : Maxi Gossamer : 5 grouping options as well as 8 color changes of bow and bead. Fun and sassy lil mesh necklace. ( Past Cosmopolitan Room Item )

FACE PIERCING : PC/20 : Mesh unisex piercing Available @ Hollyweird

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Moment of Solitude

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HAIR : Moon Hair : Devour : Black & Whites : Available @ The Darkstyle Fair

OUTFIT : [I<3F] Store : Bewitched Dress : Brown :  Available in Black, Blue, Brown and Pink. Can be found @ 5th Avenue Event (May)

NECKLACE : Salt & Pepper : Collar Omega : Beautiful mesh collar that comes with a texture change hud making it available in Copper, Gold, Silver or Black. Is Open Collar RLV ready and is resizeable. (Will be 20% off for the event *399 for the event..Reg price 499) Also has a matching Alpha leash holder ( Not Shown ) That is priced 79 for the event..reg price 99 and also comes with color hud) Available @ Totally Top Shelf

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Who Says You Can't Look Good Stranded?

HAIR : Moon Hair : Storm : Black & Whites: Available @ The Darkstyle Fair

GLASSES : Dita Couture : Summer Sunglasses : Black : Available @ 5Th Avenue Event

OUTFIT : Villagers : Pokemon Bikini : Orange : Comes in clothing appliers and Omega Hud Applier. Lots of choices to choose from @ 5Th Avenue Event

I Got Your Back

Please Click photo for more detail

OUTFIT : RD Style : Gangsta Girl : Black n Grey : This outfit comes with the highwwaist Pants and suspenders, Shoes, Top and Hat. The shoes are for Slink high feet. Is from the new Nikka Collection and comes in Kawaii options as well of Pink and Green. Are priced at a steal of a deal of 220Ls each @ The Gangsta Fair. (Ends May 15th so better hurry) ♥ Thank You!

NECKLACE & EARRINGSSalt & PepperGadhra Set : Comes with a huds for texture options for the necklace and earrings. Available @ Tres Chic ( May Round ) ♥ Thank You!

BRACELETS : Izzie's Braid Bracelet : Black : Comes in resizer options as wel as lots of color options. They offer both right and left wrist options. Available @ Izzie's

HAIR : MOON : Tourniquet : Black & Whites Available @ The Darkstyle Fair

SKIN : Kensi Collection : Almond : Sold in skin layers with Mouth Appliers for Nyam Nyam, SweetLips & Loud Mouth. Also offers Current Applier supported brands: Phat/ Cute Azz, Ghetto Booty, Lola's Tango/Mirage/Delicq, Wowmeh, KL Lena, Slink, Maitreya, TMP, Belleza Venus Body( Hands & Feet are not supported as of yet), Omega (Apparel Only). Available @ AlterEgo

RING (Left Hand) : Imeka : Rose ring ni black & white ( Past Hunt )

RING (Right Hand) : Swallow : Ring Heartwings : ( Past Cosmopolitan Room Item )

TATTOO : Hollyweird : Ouija : Offered in tattoo layer Omega & Slink Hud appliers. Available @ The Darkstyle Fair

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weathering The Storm

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HAIR : Tableau Vivant : Pretty Reckless II : Black &Whites : Available @ Collabor88

TOP : Nitely : Skizim Tank : Cross : Available @ Suicide Dollz

BOTTOMS : Crucifix : Black : Offer Appliers for Banned, Omega, Slink, Cute/Phat Azz, TMP, and Wowmeh as well as offering the regular nonmesh clothing layers. Available @ Creep

IMPLANTS : Cross Hip Implants: Female: Comes with skin matching hud as well as regular cross and inverted cross options. Available @ Zombie Suicide

TATTOO : Hollyweird : Ouija :  Offers Slink and Omega hud versions as well as regular tattoo layers. Fresh and Faded options. Available @ The Dark Style Fair

SKIN : Kamilla : Winter : Hud offers appliers for Baby Bump, Wowmeh, Phat Azz, Loud Mouth, Lola, Ghetto Booty, Belleza, Banned, Maitreya, KL Lena and Banned DEA. Available @ PumeC

EYE SHADOW : Deep Black Eyeshadow : Available @ Corvus

Friday, May 1, 2015

Missing You

TOP : Just Top : Black : Comes with appliers for Lola, Maitreya, Wowmeh, Lena, and Belleza as well as the Omega Hud applier system. Many colors to choose from :  Pink, Blue, Orange, Kiwi, Black and Red. Available @ TOXIC BISH (NEW) ♥ TY!!!

BOTTOMS : Hot Ripped Jeans : Comes with appliers for Belleza, Omega, Lena, Azz and Wowmeh. Available @ TOXIC BISH ( NEW ) ♥ TY!!!

SHOES : Tiffany Heels : Black : Come in 6 gorgeous colors for Slink High Feet. Available @ BabyDoll ( NEW )♥ TY!!!

TATTOO : Hollyweird : Ouija : Comes with Omega and Slink appliers as well as the tattoo layer for nonmesh avitars. I searched every single tattoo store for this amazing piece of art and finally messaged the creator who informed meeeeeee..lol..it is available @ The Dark Style Fair In which i quickly bumrushed the doors and bought it to neverrr take it off again! The fair opened today May 1st!